UPPCO Withdraws Shoreline Management Plans for

Bond Falls, Prickett, and Escanaba River!



Northwood Alliance is working with Upper Peninsula Public Access Coalition (UPPAC) to help protect the six Michigan Upper Peninsula reservoirs proposed for development by the Upper Peninsula Power Company (UPPCO). 


The six reservoirs are:


Au Train Basin (Cleveland Cliffs Basin, Alger County, Project No. 10856)

UPPCO Au Train Basin land ownership map


Bond Falls Flowage (Ontonagon County, Project No. 1864)

UPPCO Bond Falls 2005 sale map


Boney Falls Basin (Delta County, Project No. 2506)

UPPCO Boney Falls 2005 land sale map


Cataract Basin (Marquette County, Project No. 10854)

UPPCO Cataract Basin 2005 land sale map


Prickett Lake (Baraga and Houghton Counties, Project No. 2402)

UPPCO Prickett land ownership map


Victoria Reservoir (Ontonagon County, Project No. 1864)

UPPCO Victoria Dam landowership map



Upper Peninsula Power Company Land Sales


In December 2005, Upper Peninsula Power Company sold non-project land surrounding Bond Falls, Boney Falls, and Cataract Basin to Naterra Land Inc.  Non-project land is land along or near the reservoirs, and not part of the hydroelectric facility.  Non-project land at Bond Falls is as close as 100 feet from the water shore.  UPPCO proposes to convey rights to lot owners to make improvements (such as docks, stairways, roads, view corridors, and footpaths) on the project lands.  The private lots would thus resemble typical lakefront homes.  


UPPCO has announced plans to sell non-project lands around Au Train Basin, Prickett Lake, and Victoria Reservoir, and additional land around Bond Falls and Cataract Basin.   


In January 2009 UPPCO announced sale of non-project lands around Victoria and Prickett Reservoirs to Norman Pestka of Northern Land & Sales.

UPPCO News Release on sale of Victoria and Prickett Reservoirs (1/8/2009)

Victoria parcels were listed for sale in 2009.


Victoria Reservoir Parcels For Sale

Photo July 2009


A proposal for the Trust for Public land to acquire the Prickett property and convey it to the Ottawa National Forest is in the works (more information from the Friends of the Land of Keweenaw). 


On July 25, 2011, UPPCO withdrew the shoreline management plans for Bond Falls, Prickett Lake, and the Escanaba River.  You won’t see signs like the Victoria one pictured above appearing at those three reservoirs. 


UPPCO Land Sale Information



UPPCO Website:  Questions and Answers About UPPCO's Real Estate Asset Management Philosophy



Shoreline Management Plans


UPPCO published Shoreline Management Plans for Au Train Basin, Bond Falls, Boney Falls, Cataract Basin, and Prickett Lake in November 2007.  A plan for Victoria Reservoir has not yet been released. 


The Shoreline Management Plans require approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commision (FERC).  As of August 2008, FERC has completed Environmental Assessments for the Au Train, Boney Falls, Cataract Basin, and Prickett Lake Shoreline Management Plans.  Public comment on the Environmental Assessments is welcomed by FERC.


Au Train Basin Shoreline Management Plan

Au Train Basin Environmental Assessment (Comments due 7/14/08)

Northwood Alliance comments on the Au Train Environmental Assessment


Bond Falls Shoreline Management Plan

Northwood Alliance comments on the Shoreline Management Plan

Bond Falls Environmental Assessment (Comments due 10/27/08)

Northwood Alliance comments on the Bond Falls Environmental Assessment


Boney Falls Shoreline Management Plan

Boney Falls Environmental Assessment (Comments due 8/29/08)


Cataract Basin Shoreline Management Plan

Cataract Basin Environmental Assessment (Comments due 8/1/08)

Northwood Alliance comments on the Cataract Environmental Assessment

In February 2011 UPPCO sold the Cataract Basin hydroelectric project to U.P. Hydro, a subsidiary of North American Hydro.


Prickett Lake Shoreline Management Plan

Northwood Alliance comments on the Shoreline Management Plan

Prickett Lake Environmental Assessment (Comments due 9/29/08)

Northwood Alliance comments on the Prickett Environmental Assessment


UPPCO Shoreland Management Plan information:



On July 25, 2011, UPPCO withdrew the shoreline management plans for Bond Falls, Prickett Lake, and Escanaba River.

Original filing available here:  http://elibrary.FERC.gov/idmws/file_list.asp?accession_num=20110725-5123


Naterra – UPPCO Lawsuit


On February 28, 2008, Naterra Land, Inc. filed suit against Upper Peninsula Power Company and its parent company, Integrys Energy Group of Chicago.  The complaint alleges UPPCO misrepresented details concerning non-project lands sold to Naterra at Bond Falls, Boney Falls, and Cataract Basin for $8.9 million in 2005.  Naterra claims UPPCO made assurances the lands would include dock and riparian rights, which to date have not been provided and remain in question.  The complaint also accuses UPPCO of false representations concerning future dam repairs and associated water draw-downs.


The entire complaint, obtained from the U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota, is available here: 


Naterra Land, Inc., Plaintiff, vs. Upper Peninsula Power Company, and Integrys Energy Group, Inc.  Case # 0:08cv522.  Filed 02/25/2008


In June 2009 UPPCO and Naterra settled their lawsuit and UPPCO reacquired Bond Falls, Boney Falls, and Cataract Basin.


News articles:

The Mining Journal 3/6/2008: UPPCO responds to claims

The Ontonagon Herald 3/5/2008: Naterra sues UPPCO over struggling Bond Falls land deal

The Mining Journal 3/4/2008: Naterra suing UPPCO over land

UPPCO news release 6/19/2009 on settlement

Northwood Alliance news release 6/19/2009 on settlement



Here you may also find:


Northwood Alliance’s motion to intervene with FERC in UPPCO’s application for non-project uses of project lands for Bond Falls, Prickett Lake, AuTrain Lake, Escanaba River Dam #4 Reservoir, Boney Falls, and Cataract Projects located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 



Please visit the UPPAC web site for more information:  http://www.uppac.com/


Last update 28 August, 2011.